Buying an engagement ring from Litwins

Congratulations on a potential engagement! We would love to help you find your forever rings.

The process of buying an engagement ring with Litwins takes many routes, but is always tailored to you.

Custom engagement ring by Litwins

Recent work: Engagement ring design
Starting point: Our client had idea starters from Pinterest
Client goal: Antique-style engagement ring
The process: The groom showed us photos from Pinterest of antique rings with rosette designs but were extremely fragile and bulged from the shank. We suggested this design from one of our favorite designers which feaures a flat sided band underneath the the rosette so the bride can wear a flush wedding band with the engagement ring as a set. The couple was delighted with the result.
The result: Delighted bride and groom!

Why Litwins?

As a local company, authentic is our brand. We're here to serve our community.

Who Joins the Discussion?

We enjoy sitting down with you to discuss this important purchase. Often we speak with the future spouse, or often both future spouses. Sometimes they're with a best friend or parent. We begin to talk about their ideas. We absolutely won't rush you.

Idea Discovery

The ideation process is important for many reasons. First of all, we get to know you. We talk about things like lifestyles (Does your intended spouse plan to rock climb in their ring?), we talk about timelines (Are you getting married next week?).

We also want you to become comfortable with us. This is a great time to ask us any questions you may have.

Some people bring us a family diamond to set, others request that we source a stone, but always, we are there for you to help you make the perfect ring.

An important part of the discovery process is poring through the collection of images you or your future spouse may have collected. These visuals can come from Pinterest pages, folded-up magazine ads, napkin sketches, or even ideas you're only able describe by memory alone. This process often includes scrolling through pictures on our client's phone.

We feel like we have an edge when it comes to the design. Our president is not only a 4th generation jeweler, but she is an art historian. She has a deep understanding of design and even continues to write freelance articles for art magazines. We see jewelry as wearable art, and as such, we are happy to steer you away from fads.

From Concept to Reality

Sometimes, we have just the thing in our shop. Other times, we bring in rings and diamonds. Other times, we custom design the ring. (You can even trust us to point out when your "custom" ring idea is actually something that exists. We don't want you to waste your money.) We have years of experience, have seen almost every engagement ring design out there, and are glad to share the pros and cons of each stone and ring, especially how they will or won't work for the person wearing it.

Honest Advice

You may ask why we're different. We're not afraid to give honest advice, and don't want to sell a ring if you're not the right fit for us. We can't underscore this enough.

We also know the internet is what it is - a glut of information, good and bad, about diamonds and gemstones. Nevertheless, we have some recommendations for solid educational resources:, the website if the Gemological Institute of America, especially their 4C tutorial. You might also visit, the site for the American Gem Society, and, the site for the American Gem Trade Association.


We'll help you plan that, too. (Just kidding.)