We're small by design.

Boris Litwin Jewelers is a 4th generation, family-owned, Cincinnati jewelry store. We are knowledgeable, passionate about what we do, and keep our business small on purpose.

The exterior of our Cincinnati jewelry store

Our inventory is carefully curated, from fun and trendy through fine. We see jewelry as more than beautiful objects that make their wearers feel beautiful and powerful, although they need to possess these qualities.

Interior photo of Boris Litwin Jewelers custom jewelry store in Cincinnati

"To us, good jewelry design speaks of our times and lifestyle.
Great jewelry designs transcend the here and now."
- BJ Foreman, President Photo of BJ Foreman, president of Boris Litwin Jewelers

  • Boris's Bench

    Richmond Street, West End of Cincinnati (1913)

    Grandpa Boris's bench is where, as a boy of 13, he began designing and crafting jewelry with his father, Akim.

    Their workshop was Grandpa Boris's bedroom. No fax machines, computers, or the Internet—just great design and a strong work ethic. Grandpa Boris Litwin

  • Transition to Retail

    Downtown Cincinnati

    In the early days, the business moved to 6th Street downtown, focusing on manufacturing, including diamond cutting. After some time, Litwins was purely retail in our location on Garfield Place.

    Grandpa Boris Litwin at the sales counter

    The business transitioned to the sons and the son-in-laws. Sandy Armstrong and Stewart Armstrong sold jewelry from a sunny location on Garfield Place. Sandy's daughter and Stewart's sister, BJ, logged merchandise, filed papers, operated the switchboard, and ran errands during her high school and college years.

    "From that day's perspective, I was doing women's work, but I was really learning the business from the inside out," said BJ."

  • Litwin Women at the Helm

    After the deaths of Sandy and Stewart, BJ and mother Charlotte decided to continue the family business.

    "Mom insisted that I become the president and she the vice president. She came to work almost every day thereafter—a true steady ender. Even my mom's sister, Aunt Phyllis Rubenstein, and her granddaughter, Jenny, have come to work through the years, not to mention my own daughter, Liz, and our ever-polishing and ever-photographing granddaughter, Annie. Litwin genes breed true!"

  • Carrying on in Madeira

    In September 2003, after more than 100 years in downtown Cincinnati, the Litwin women made the decision to move the family business to the suburbs of Cincinnati.

    While in many respects, our business is different today with Litwin women at the helm, enjoying all the modern conveniences, we are really about the same things: quality, style, and making people happy and proud to give and wear jewelry.

    Litwins president BJ Foreman