Custom Jewelry from Litwins

A great deal of our business is now in custom pieces, and we just love that. We see custom work as a chance for our customers to express themselves. We love sitting down with a customer in our Cincinnati shop, then seeing their face when the design is complete.

Types of Custom Pieces

  • Engagement Rings: Many of our engagement ring customers prefer custom rings, and we can do that. Please visit our custom engagement ring page for more details.
  • Remakes: Do you have an existing piece that has been sitting in the back of your jewelry box?
  • Updates: You'd like to keep the design framework but change the color? Keep the design, but split that ring or brooch into earrings? We can do that.
  • Loose Stones: Don't let those stones sit around. We can help rectify the situation.

Remade custom jewelry by Litwins

Recent work: Ring redesign
Starting point: Our client brought in her symmetrical, dated tanzanite and diamond baguette ring.
Client goal: She wanted ring that was unexpected and updated.
The process: We discussed design ideas and realized we had a similar ring model. (We have a selection of amazing designs made in base metal. We use them as idea starters. These are made from our own designs, and various older Litwin & Sons designs.) From that point, we built upon the idea, enlarging a portion of the ring to accomodate our client's the large tanzanite stone. She also liked the idea of using our electric green Paraiba tourmaline, a rare gemstone, especially rare today.
The result: An asymetrical ring that incorporates her stones as well as the Paraiba tourmaline. She was delighted with the result!